Saturday, December 4, 2010

BJ's Hunts This Year

It has been so long since I have blogged but I feel like I haven't done much but when I was thinking about it I realized BJ has done alot so I'm gonna try and play catch up.. BJ has been busy hunting as usuall and he got lucky this year and filled all of his tags..
The day after Thanksgiving we loaded up with our friends to go down south for the weekend and try and find some elk.. We had a great time and we had a successfull hunt..

This was BJ's first elk!! He was so excited!!

This was the end of October on the usuall Deer hunt.. We had alot of fun with all of our friends and again it was a great year..

He's trying to act tough but really he was super excited..

I swear we are cursed.. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, it always rains or snows on us at least once.. Good thing BJ is always prepared to "Ralphy" me up with a bunch of layers..

This hunt was in September in Wyoming.. I didn't go but BJ went with 4 of his friends who all had tags and they were done filling them all by 10am.. I was sad I didn't go because that's my kind of hunting..

This is BJ's good friend AL who he finally got to go hunting with him.. I'm pretty sure it was his first antelope.. Doesn't BJ look like a proud father.. HAHA..

Monday, May 31, 2010

BJ's Turkey Hunt

We went down to Boulder for Memorial Day weekend and it was also the end of BJ's turkey hunt.. The very first night we got there we decided to go for a drive after getting everything all set up.. BJ spotted some turkeys in the trees so he got his gun and started to run into the trees.. I of course waited in the truck.. The next thing I knew there BJ was walking out of the trees with a big huge old turkey.. It was awesome!! He had to run along ways to catch them and he had a perfect shot.. That means we both got out turkeys this year and they are 2 different species so that was pretty cool.. Way to go honey!!
BJ took me fishing of course and he has been making me put my own worm on and everything so it's been quite an adventure.. We were fishing for about an hour and catch 6 fish.. It was fun.. I love fishing.. I think that is my favorite part about going camping..
BJ caught this GINORMOUS fish..
Of course BJ took ALL of our guns and everyone got together and played shooting games.. It was so much fun.. W went through so many clay pidgons.. I think me and Jennell and Lauren did pretty good to keep up with the boys.. BJ was cute and helped the little kids shoot at targets.. They loved it.. I swear they were lined up for almost an hour so they could have a turn..
So you might recognize this tree. It has out names carved in it and is almost 3 years old.. We put our trailor right in front of it so I made BJ look at it everyday and finally the last day I suckered him into taking another picture with me by it.. I keep telling his this is history!!
One morning BJ said he was gonna go fishing at a different fishing spot.. He was gonna go check it out and come back for me later to go.. Well 5 hours later he shows up and this is what he was doing.. His truck got SO stuck and they spent along time trying to get it out and they ended up digging.. BJ came back soaked.. Finally when his truck wouldn't make it any farther they decided to get out the wheelers and go the remainder of the way.. I guess he decided that there was no way I was gonna go through that to go fishing but I think he had the time of his life getting his truck stuck and so dirty..
We had alot of fun as usuall with our friends.. This is the 4th year that we have done this camping trip and we are so glad everyone was able to make it..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Turkey Hunt!

I got another turkey!!

My great husband always taking care of me.. He didn't make me touch the bird.. He ran and got it after I shot it..

My parents came with us so they could actually see that I hunt and we went down the night before to start hunting and hopefully find some and watched them fly into the trees to sleep for the night.. It was awesome because they are such big birds to see them fly..

This is not the bird I shot but one of the best ones we saw.. I think my parents we amazed to see the turkeys and how they interact.. We had a great over nighter and we are glad that my parents came to enjoy the expirence.. Good food,, Good hunting,, Good road trip..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

South Dakota

BJ went with his friends to South Dakota on a Goose Hunt!! He had alot of fun and got alot of birds!! He said it was freezing and wet the entire time!!
Nate - Al
BJ - Red - Ryan
This is the end of day 1
The boys holding their birds.. They are way happy and I'm sure they are going to make this a yearly event.. It was a long drive with 5 guys in a truck but well worth it!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Got One

Yep that's right I killed a deer!! It was so exciting and one of the Best times of my life!!
Of course my husband is amazing and took me and made sure that I killed one!! I'm not gonna lie it was hard and I missed once before but it was worth it to kill this big guy!!

We had a great time with our friends!! It was the very last night when it started to snow and we stood outside around the fire still just soaking it all in!!

This is my husbands doing!!